Asset Management System

Asset Visibility, Traceability, and Control.

Smart Asset Tracking

Elevate your asset management with EmergTech Solutions’ comprehensive system. Seamlessly track and control assets with real-time updates, enabling efficient scheduling and reducing downtime. Our solution streamlines auditing, ensuring quick identification of hidden assets through the Asset Finder feature. Valuable insights from intuitive dashboards enhance decision-making. User roles and authorization ensure data security. Our components, including Mobile Computers, Barcode/RFID Tags, Label Printers, and integrated applications, address challenges like inaccurate tracking, manual errors, and limited visibility. Experience automated audits, optimized inventory management, reduced operational costs, and extended asset lifespans. Join us in the future of asset management and revolutionize your approach.

Asset Availability and Status

Our solution keeps track of the assets giving relevant status updates. An up to date status enables planned scheduling thus reducing down time.

Asset Reports

Relevant dashboards to gain valuable insights to make better business decisions.

User Management

Authorization based on user roles with user verification’s according to your norms.

Asset Audits and Tracing

Auditing would take a few hours instead of days in the case of manual auditing. Easily trace hidden assets with our Asset Finder feature.

Asset Management Flow

A step by step visual diagram to understand our solution

“Businesses, on average, spend 80% of their time reacting to maintenance issues that arise rather than preventing them.”

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