Asset Management System

Welcome to EmergTech Solutions' game-changing Asset Management System! Say goodbye to inefficiencies in tracking, manual record-keeping, and limited visibility. Our all-in-one solution offers real-time asset tracking, efficient audits, and insightful dashboards for smart decision-making. Seamlessly integrating with existing systems, it enhances control, reduces costs, and extends asset lifespans. Our solution includes mobile computers, barcode/RFID tags, label printers, and custom applications. Join us in revolutionizing asset management!

Warehouse Management System

Our comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) comprises a range of powerful components designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. The solution includes a mobile computer (HHT) that enables efficient on-the-go data collection and real-time inventory updates. With a label printer at your disposal, you can generate customized labels for easy item identification and tracking. Barcode or RFID tags, along with tag readers and antennas, provide accurate and automated inventory management, reducing human error and improving efficiency. To further enhance your operations, our WMS features a custom mobile application that connects directly to your back-office systems, ensuring seamless data synchronization and real-time visibility into inventory levels, orders, and more. Additionally, our solution includes a custom desktop application that can be integrated with popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as SAP or EBS, allowing for smooth data exchange and holistic management of your warehouse operations. By leveraging these solution components, you can optimize your warehouse processes, improve inventory accuracy, and achieve streamlined operations that align with your business goals.

Employee Tracking Solution

EmergTech Solutions presents an innovative RFID-based employee tracking system, revolutionizing workplace management. Our system harnesses the power of RFID technology, outfitting employees with unique identification tags that effortlessly communicate with strategically positioned RFID readers across the facility. This intelligent solution ensures precise real-time tracking of employee movements, attendance, and area access. Seamlessly integrated with custom applications and ERP systems, EmergTech's Employee Tracking System refines data management, generates insightful reports, and fosters smooth inter-departmental communication. By optimizing operational efficiency, resource allocation, and security protocols, our solution sets new standards for workplace productivity and management.

Automated Weighbridge System

Introducing our cutting-edge Automated Weighbridge System for trucks by EmergTech Solutions. This advanced solution redefines weighing accuracy and efficiency through laser beam precision, ensuring optimal truck alignment on the platform for precise weight measurement. Seamlessly integrated automation streamlines the process, generating barcoded tickets instantly post-weighing. Our Weighbridge System guarantees not only accurate weight data but also expedited operations, enhancing logistical workflows and facilitating seamless load management with unmatched reliability.

Sorting Machine

Presenting EmergTech Solutions' innovative Machine Vision-based Sorting Machine – a game-changing solution that brings unparalleled efficiency to sorting processes. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our system swiftly scans RFID or barcode labels on cartons and items, orchestrating seamless sorting based on the captured data. With real-time image recognition and capture capabilities, this solution ensures precision and accuracy in every step. The integration doesn't stop there – our system seamlessly connects with ERPs, enabling instantaneous data posting and comprehensive end-to-end control. With both hardware and software offered as a unified package, EmergTech's Sorting Machine delivers a holistic solution that optimizes sorting operations, augments productivity, and sets new standards for streamlined supply chain management.

QC Inspection System

Introducing a collaborative innovation by EmergTech Solutions and Fatronics, our cutting-edge Machine Vision-based QC Inspection System sets a new standard for quality control excellence. Designed to meet GMT requirements, this system utilizes advanced image recognition to seamlessly read and capture barcode or RFID labels on cartons/items, meticulously verifying critical data such as expiry dates and label clarity. Through real-time capabilities, the solution ensures data accuracy while seamlessly integrating with ERPs for instant acquisition and posting. With the combined expertise of EmergTech Solutions and Fatronics, this comprehensive hardware and software package redefines precision in quality control, paving the way for enhanced compliance, streamlined operations, and unmatched reliability.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Welcome to EmergTech Solutions, your premier destination for cutting-edge warehouse automation solutions. Our Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are revolutionizing the way goods are moved within warehouses and beyond. Teaming up with our trusted partner, EVS, we bring you a diverse range of AGVs tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require fuel-operated AGVs for heavy-duty tasks or battery-operated AGVs for efficient and eco-friendly operations, we have you covered. Our AGVs seamlessly navigate through your warehouse, optimizing material flow and enhancing productivity. With a commitment to innovation and reliability, EmergTech Solutions is your go-to source for AGVs that streamline operations, increase efficiency, and pave the way to a smarter future of logistics.

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