Warehouse Management System

Gain Visibility, Traceability, and Control over your Business

Smart Warehousing

Our comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) comprises a range of powerful components designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. The solution includes a mobile computer (HHT) that enables efficient on-the-go data collection and real-time inventory updates. With a label printer at your disposal, you can generate customized labels for easy item identification and tracking. Barcode or RFID tags, along with tag readers and antennas, provide accurate and automated inventory management, reducing human error and improving efficiency. To further enhance your operations, our WMS features a custom mobile application that connects directly to your back-office systems, ensuring seamless data synchronization and real-time visibility into inventory levels, orders, and more. Additionally, our solution includes a custom desktop application that can be integrated with popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as SAP or EBS, allowing for smooth data exchange and holistic management of your warehouse operations. By leveraging these solution components, you can optimize your warehouse processes, improve inventory accuracy, and achieve streamlined operations that align with your business goals.

Put-away and Picking

HHT controlled Bin mapping and allocation for efficient put away. Digital Pick list fetched from ERP for accurate picking

Packing and Staging

Carton & pallet tagging with RFID or Barcode for real time traceability and asset tracking

Asset Reports

Relevant dashboards to gain
valuable insights to make better
business decisions.

Cross Docking

Ensure packages to be on the right lorry in the right order for efficient

Warehouse Management Flow

A step by step visual diagram to understand our solution